Words to live by

From Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations, V:5.

Show to others those qualities, which are altogether in your power. These are sincerity, gravity, endurance of labor, aversion to pleasure, contentment with what you have and with a very few things, benevolence, frankness, no love of excess, and generosity of spirit. Do you not see how many qualities you are immediately able to exhibit, in which there is no excuse of natural incapacity and unfitness, and yet you still remain voluntarily below the mark? Or are you compelled through being defectively furnished by nature to murmur, and to be stingy, and to flatter, and to find fault with your poor body, and to try to please people, and to make great display, and to be so restless in your mind?

“Faulting faults with your poor body” was an issue even 2000 years ago. Materialism seems to had been a thing back then as well.